Angela Gallo, LMFT

I’m passionate about mental health-even though I’m sure that is a no-brainer as I’ve spent years and years in school and countless hours achieving my license and title as a therapist. It’s still surreal at moments because I love what I do and most days it doesn’t feel like a job.

I am a first generation high school graduate, college graduate, and small business owner. My parents are immigrants from Nueva Rosita, Coahuila. I identify as Mexican American and Latinx.

I have been married for eight years (this March 2020!) to my husband. I am in debt to my education and experience as a therapist for our relationship, as it’s the healthiest and strongest it’s ever been.

Which brings me to why I’m so passionate about mental health and providing therapy to my community. I have felt first hand the difference it makes to work on understanding what it means to grow and improve your self. Nothing can compare.

With that being said, I am also not naive enough to believe that I am the perfect therapist for everybody out there. Below are the topics I specialize in. If you don’t see the topic you are currently facing, feel free to reach out to me as I may have a good connection for you.


  • Co-dependency
  • Relationship anxiety
  • High conflict in a relationship (romantic or not)
  • High stress and anxiety
  • Immigration distress
  • Family/childhood trauma
  • Self-esteem
  • Identity exploration

These topics can be covered in individual, family, or couples therapy-whichever you feel will best meet your needs.

Angela Gallo, LMFT License #203072

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