What is my approach to therapy? I believe each and every person who takes the risk of beginning therapy has said to themselves at least once…”I am so tired of this” “Why does this keep happening?!”” I don’t understand how to fix this!”

This can be anything from feeling as if every relationship leads to heartache, or you feel like you self-sabotage a relationship because it feels really hard to let someone in, or you feel big anxiety and fear that the person you absolutely love and adore doesn’t feel exactly the same way….

This and many more reasons can lead to hopes of having a strong and stable relationship with a loved one (whether its romantic or not), feeling confident and secure with your own self, and building trust with another to fully let them in and receive the love you desire.

So to answer my own question, my approach to therapy takes into account just how difficult this is to face head on and to grow from it. I view each and everyone of my clients as brave and courageous for taking the first step towards their best hopes.

My goal during sessions is to provide enough trust and safety for you to feel comfortable enough to talk about this and much more. I believe you have what it takes to achieve your best hopes and to see the changes you desire. It’s hard, but it’s possible.

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